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Krita is a pleasure to draw with, and really reminds me that graphics on Linux isn’t something relegated to GIMP alone. Unlike GIMP, whose interface and structure I loath, Krita is really a program that works with you once you start using it. Thanks to the framework it’s built on, I’ve also customised the program somewhat to compliment my workflow, or lackthereof.

Below is my work-in-progress, which I hope to have printed and mounted when I finish it. My apartment is lacking in art, and I figured I’d toot my own horn and maybe hang my own work. Because I keep going back to digital graphics, it makes me wish I had the chance to see my work outside of the screen.

It has a long way to go, it still needs 2/3rds of her body to be drawn, and a background. I’m using mirror-mode again, but this time I’m also working without it much more to avoid it looking too much like half the work was multibrush. It’s also going to get a second layer of shading when the background is in place, to reflect the ambient lighting I have planned.


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    Baddass dude

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