Project Logos & Icons

I’ve done work for various projects, companies, and events. Standouts include OpenStreetMap, KDE Neon, and the Appstream initiative.

Aether Icon Samples

The Aether icon set includes hundreds of original icons for use on the Linux desktop by enthusiasts.

Aether icons use a “folded” and “creased” design, sweeping gradients, and moderate detail.

Doodads Icons

Doodads was a classifieds website created by myself while working for the ETR Media Group. As part of that effort over 100 icons were created.

The icons use a flat aesthetic with solid colours, angled gloss, and moderate-to-high detail. A general concept of the icons was to look like “modern clipart” to evoke nostalgia.

Drillbit Icons

Drillbit icons exercise gradients which transition in hue on 45 degree angles. There is a strict internal grid on this set allowing icons to be sized to 16, 32, 64 or more pixels while maintaining sharpness on straight lines and points.

Breeze Icons

The KDE Breeze icon standard calls for 45 degree drop shadows, use of the Breeze palette, and gradients. 2-3 dozen icons have been contributed to this project.