KDE Plasma Wallpapers

After the release of KDE Plasma 5 I quickly became involved in the community, producing icons, mouse cursors, and wallpapers. The wallpapers below were all primarily drawn in Inkscape, with Krita and GIMP being used for raster backgrounds and post-processing respectively.

The Plasma 5.24 wallpaper; internally it had the name “Wavy McWallpaperface” but ultimately the more conservative “Honeywave” name was adopted for distribution.
The Plasma 5.14 wallpaper “Cluster”
The Plasma 5.13 wallpaper, “Kokkini”
The Plasma 5.11 wallpaper, “Opal”
The Plasma 5.10 wallpaper, “Cascade”
The Plasma 5.9 wallpaper, “CanopĂ©e”
The Plasma 5.8 wallpaper, “Bizmuth”
The Plasma 5.7 wallpaper, “Skylight”
Older Wallpapers