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KDE 4.10 Review: Maturing like a Geisha

Apprentice Geisha new to their craft are known to wear bright colourful kimono to show and express their beauty, later refining their attire as they mature. They know their capabilities and no longer need to dress up something amazing.

KDE SC 4.10 was released just half a decade ago, and like a Geisha it has grown and matured. The very first KDE 4.0 release was a bird flaunting colouful plumage while squawking like a deranged parrot. Everything was shiny, glowing, patterned and almost garish while the underlying platform was rocky and unstable. Today, KDE SC 4.10 now truly feels like mature software; It doesn’t need to flash bright colours – KDE is solid software, and there’s no need to dress it up... // Read More


Mama Review

What would you do if faced with the decision to raise two feral children? And what do you do if their baggage includes the last entity to take up that task?

That is the question asked by “Mama”, a newly released 2013 horror movie directed by Andres Muschietti and produced by Guillermo del Toro. Mama makes several bold steps and genuinely gives a refreshing and unnerving experience, but falters towards an ending which fails to capitalize on its own innovations... // Read More


The Status of my Personal Website

Well, a fair amount of time has passed and I’ve had some pretty sporadic updates – so here’s the deal, the “down low”, yo’.

Pretty much the entire time I’ve had this website, I’ve been running an extremely limited Internet because of idiotic personal decisions. For the past year, I’ve been using my mobile phones USB tether to do all of my updates, which meant the style of article I’ve been writing has been difficult to research without eating my bandwidth alive, in tandem with having a relatively slow connection.

Needless to say, I ran  through my bandwidth regularly.

But as of today sunshine sparkles and rainbow unicorns have flown a nice new shiny modem to my door, and I once again have high-speed Internet with… Bandwidth. And speed. Without massive overage fees.

I’m not posting this to guarantee daily updates or anything like that, or regular articles or posting technical advice. To the contrary; I’ve been pondering what I would do with my personal website. Even if I had been doing regular updates I don’t like the direction I’ve been taking my website to, for my personal website it’s not all that personal. For all intents and purposes I’ve been writing this like a “professional” blog with articles closer to the style of online magazines, and I don’t like it. I’ve found on several occasions I’ve fought with myself over if I should mix “personal” day-to-day minutiae with “magazine” articles. Clumped with the prospect of having proper Internet again, a decision had to be made as to what I would do with this website. Because, oddly, I did get a few comments on if I would continue certain articles.

The new arrangement I’m planning is to split my personal website into two. This website really will become a personal blog, and an aggregate my social accounts to an extent while expanding it beyond just posts to display my other projects like art.

I’ll be putting up a new website in the next few months specifically for my more “professional” posts. Won’t be big or fancy, but now and again I get the urge to write a guide or a review so the new site will be where anything outwardly useful might go. Might be updated every week or two.

I figure this is the best way to keep personal things personal while still letting me do guides and reviews without diluting either kind of post.

I’m still plotting some of the finer details, such as how I’ll handle open-source content which I plan to begin posting, but this is just an FYI as to what’s going to happen on this website.


The WebComic Reviewathon: Gunnerkrigg Court

If I had to point to a webcomic that would become the next “Harry Potter” without a doubt I would point to Gunnerkrigg Court. The author Tom Siddell has painstakingly crafted a world that is far less formula and much more imagination than many of the kith and kin in the “Mystery / School” genre... // Read More


The WebComic Reviewathon: Gamercat

This is going to be the first part of a multi-part series devoted to webcomics. First to take a round is Gamercat, a relatively new comic to hit the internet which first landed June 10th, 2011 (according to the archives)

GamerCat (capitalised GaMERCaT) is a webcomic starring a black cat parodying whichever videogame author Samantha Whitten is playing at the time. The comic takes place both inside and outside of videogames, poking stick at the culture of games and the games themselves... // Read More


WebKernel Development Log #2

Back in December I posted about my WebKernel project, a website framework. Development for the most part had stalled, but it’s beginning to lurch back into gear after I chose to use it for a gallery application I’ve been tasked to write. While far from the full platform it will eventually be, a practical application will begin to build the base for future revisions and establish a functional framework to build on... // Read More


KDE 4.8 Review: Redux

Months ago I made my review of KDE 4.8, and after a few months of usage I feel a booster to my original article is due... // Read More


Work in Progress

Krita is a pleasure to draw with, and really reminds me that graphics on Linux isn’t something relegated to GIMP alone. Unlike GIMP, whose interface and structure I loath, Krita is really a program that works with you once you start using it. Thanks to the framework it’s built on, I’ve also customised the program somewhat to compliment my workflow, or lackthereof... // Read More


The Lorax

This review contains minor spoilers.

The Lorax 2012 movie is the long awaited cinematic/musical rendition of the 1971 childrens book of the same name. Being born in 1987, I was one of the lucky kids who got to grow up on this book which was already considered a “classic” by the day I was born... // Read More


Amarok: Rediscover Your Music

A while ago I made an Amarok icon/logo I was never really satisfied with, and this is the result after a second attempt... // Read More

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